An award-winning loyalty program of an Australian airline, the program is renowned for providing innovative and personalized experiences, enabling members to earn Points that can be used for a variety of rewards including flights, experiences, and gifts.


The loyalty program wished to expand their digital offering by creating a dedicated mobile application that reimagined the way members could engage with the program.

Concentrix Catalyst was tasked with defining a solution that increased user engagement and member loyalty by surfacing the value of the program through a unique mobile experience.

Velocity: Leveraging mobility to drive member loyalty and engagement


Concentrix Catalyst completed an Experience Definition phase, a consultative process that defines the solution to a specific business challenge. Our team worked collaboratively with the program to understand the needs of the business and their member base. We ran multiple ideation sessions to explore concepts that addressed each need, before testing with users to gather feedback.

User testing was successful in highlighting the app’s most lovable feature: a spinning globe. It allows users to see where their Points can take them via a map-based interactive calculator that enables members to visualize how far they can travel with their current points balance. This feature was subsequently prioritized and further refined through wireframes and additional user testing.

With a 4.6 star rating from more than 8,000 reviews, the program App has delivered on the business goal of providing members with a unique and highly engaging mobile experience. Members can now easily view their Points and Status Credits, along with discovering new ways to earn Points and manage their account.

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