A large integrated health care provider has nearly 12 million members across the western United States and annual operating revenue of more than $60 billion. The company aims to provide high-quality health services and collaborate with its members as a partner in complete health. Central to the insurer’s consumer products are its wearable device applications, which enable members to conveniently track health information.


The company wanted to move its core health management applications from on-premise to IBM Cloud to reduce its dependence on third-party applications and validate capabilities offered by the IBM IoT platform. The provider also wanted to improve business delivery by adopting an easy-to-use cloud infrastructure.


Concentrix Catalyst led an end-to-end migration on the client’s consumer products pipeline and developed a comprehensive IBM Cloud solution that increased data security, consistency, and performance. Concentrix Catalyst also developed a custom platform for the insurer’s users to register and authenticate their wearable devices. The solution enabled the health care provider to offer members a richer wearable device experience that includes a dashboard with a unified view of activity across health-tracking devices.

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