The client Concentrix Catalyst worked with is a manufacturer of safety equipment, including work gloves, safety eyewear, and emergency response materials. With over 25,000 customers and shipping 1,300+ products a day from multiple brands, the client engaged Concentrix Catalyst to implement a customizable, scalable, and easily-managed platform with more B2B commerce capabilities targeted to both wholesalers and retailers.


The client’s current platform did not offer the B2B e-commerce capabilities that they needed. It also required a tremendous amount of effort and resources to maintain and lacked personalization features. The client became interested in the Magento e-commerce platform due to its B2B and B2C functionalities for merchants—important to the client since it has distributors and e-commerce requirements in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Magento also allowed for incremental and more robust functionality, and a newly built Magento/ServiceNow integration to streamline procurement and overall operational costs.


With Concentrix Catalyst’s help, the client was able to add an additional layer of architecture to their e-commerce solution, to be able to sell to both wholesalers and retailers. Magento allowed the client to establish new pricing and approval functionalities while ensuring that all use cases and workflows remained available to end-users. Magento also offered the ability to personalize several aspects of a customer’s journey, including custom PO functionality for individual customers and the ability to add or remove specific fields in the checkout process. Overall, the client and Concentrix Catalyst implemented over 40 new personalization options for the new e-commerce website.

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