An international vision care insurance company offers high-quality, cost-effective eye care benefits, connecting world-class products and services to eye care professionals, employers, and its member base.

During the discovery phase, the Concentrix Catalyst team exposed numerous evidentiary factors, which solidified the need to address these challenges. The solution included both the migration of the mobile website from third-party hosting to in-house, as well as establishing a mobile governance business model to better manage the decision process. Concentrix Catalyst’s approach was to establish a mobile governance model and design the framework for the mobile website migration so that the new projects and changes accelerate and optimize ROI.


Recognizing member demand for a mobile-optimized website, the client needed to quickly implement a world-class experience that would sustain and expand its market leadership position. The mobile site accessibility and interactivity needed to be fast and responsive, with high-performing SEO efforts in play.

Initially, the company chose to launch the mobile-optimized website using an off-site hosted solution. After running the mobile site with this approach, the organization realized that it came with some challenges. The mobile site performance would be impacted as all web traffic came through on-site from the company’s internet; whereas mobile traffic was redirected to the off-site hosted location, impacting the overall performance.

The client’s previous vendor utilized technology that required duplicated efforts, requiring implementation changes to the mobile site for every change introduced on the desktop website. The client was constantly updating their desktop website, but the changes couldn’t go live until the mobile site reflected these changes, reducing turn-around times. The off-site hosted vendor turn-around times of 8 weeks or more impacted time-to-market, revenue, strategic initiatives, competitive advantage, partner relations, and customer satisfaction. Their existing mobile site was extremely slow, resulting in a lower quality user experience.

Maintenance costs were exorbitantly high because of the duplicated effort involved in implementing changes in the mobile site for every small change introduced on the desktop site. Time is money and with the delayed turn-around times, the costs to maintain the mobile site were astronomical. In addition, the client’s partner sites had to redirect signed-in members over to its internet, making it essential for the mobile-optimized website to accommodate Single-Sign-On (SSO) from redirected mobile users.


The client and Concentrix Catalyst built a prevailing partnership with a strong commitment from the organization’s senior management in an effort to knock down all non-technical related barriers for more agile maneuverability and adaptability. The outcome exceeded the project’s objectives and established a highly valuable distributed agile framework tailored specifically to the company’s culture, business domain, and technologies.

Concentrix Catalyst developed and implemented an engaging mobile-optimized site that performs significantly faster, wows customers to propagate more mobile site use, minimizes calls to the customer support center, reduces cost, and most importantly reduces turn-around time. This resulted in an average page load time that performs 4x faster with an improved user experience that was easier to navigate, wowing the client’s site visitors, customers and employees. As a result, 100% ROI was realized within 5 months and the total project cost was lower than the annual maintenance fee of the previous provider. The client then eliminated the annual third-party maintenance fee by allocating maintenance to an in-house, part-time role. With on-premise hosting and the Concentrix Catalyst Distributed Agile Partnership, development costs were reduced to a fraction of the previous model.

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