With millions of customers around the world, a large telecommunications company relies on its user portal to enable customers to pay bills, add or change services, or purchase new devices and accessories. Ensuring uptime and access to its customer service platform is critical—anything that diminishes the customer experience can increase churn or result in a missed upsell opportunity.


Testing the user portal to ensure complete accessibility for users on all mobile platforms and browsers was a time-consuming and costly endeavor for the telecommunications provider. It typically took a large team about three to five days to manually test a single site release. Testing took so long to complete that frequently only a small number of necessary tests were completed. In addition, other teams within the organization, such as Analytics, wrote code that affected the performance of the user portal, but the telco had no method in place to guarantee a high-quality customer experience for all aspects of the portal. Compounding the issue was a randomized user survey popup that frequently prevented testing of the portal. These issues delayed deployments because testing could not be performed during regular business hours without risking significant disruption to customers.


Concentrix Catalyst automated regression testing for the user portal, reducing the time spent on testing from up to five days to 17 minutes. The automation solution allows for complete testing on all browsers and mobile platforms and for the company to run multiple tests in parallel. The testing team can now rapidly test the effect of new code from other internal projects on the portal, substantially reducing the number of errors. To speed up the testing process even further, the test framework detects and closes the random popup user survey to enable continuous testing. These features allow multiple deployments to be launched in a day, resulting in a faster rollout of fixes and new features.

As a result of this solution, the telco now has a high rate of certainty that any new code will work as needed without negatively affecting the portal. With post-deployment defects substantially reduced, the company’s testing team has been able to dedicate time to other projects and increase productivity. With Concentrix Catalyst’s automated solution, the telecommunications company can provide a better customer experience and ensure access to the full suite of services in the user portal at all times.

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