The third-largest athletic footwear brand in the United States prides itself on its relationship with customers in more than 170 countries across the globe. With over $5 billion in annual revenue, the retailer quietly surpasses its competitors in customer loyalty, ranking behind only Nike as recently as 2015. While its 3,550 retail stores and e-commerce platform provide direct access to consumers, the retailer’s customer experience needed enhancement for a digital era.


To maintain its strength and continue to improve the customer experience, the athletic footwear brand recognized the need to evolve its digital strategy for e-commerce and mobile. Its mobile app was hosted by a third-party, which made the shopping experience look and feel like other brands that used the same multi-client solution and provided less flexibility to adapt to shifting market and consumer trends. The retailer sought a mobile app that could be tailored to its unique brand, desired customer experience, and digital strategy.

A priority for building this new app included unifying the loyalty and commerce sections of the app which were previously separated in the third-party hosted solution. By developing its own mobile app, the retailer could improve customer engagement by designing a user experience that was more seamless, more value-added, and unique to the brand.


Concentrix Catalyst was engaged to reimagine the mobile app user experience, identifying ways to improve end-user engagement and e-commerce conversion. A key design principle was building the app as a value-added benefit of membership in the retailer’s loyalty program. Non-members would be able to shop via a quality mobile website experience, while members would have access to the value-added features and enhanced commerce + loyalty experience of the app. This design principle led to a unique user experience that integrated commerce and loyalty components far more seamlessly than traditional retail apps, enriching the member experience and providing more meaningful opportunities for personalization.

Since customers need to be a member in order to use the app, the desire to unlock all the app’s benefits prompts users to become a member of the brand’s loyalty program, increasing program enrollment and engagement.

In addition to core app development, Concentrix Catalyst aided in CMS selection and implementation, as well as platform integrations with Salesforce. Powered by these technologies, the retailer is able to drive targeted content and offers across integrated marketing channels. The app was designed to be technically flexible and scalable, which has also allowed the company to quickly develop new features and capabilities that meet the needs of the moment, including enabling contactless payment through integration with Apple Pay.

The athletic footwear brand’s position as a market leader has been further cemented by its innovative app, providing a platform for customer-centric digital evolution.

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