Author: Concentrix Catalyst

Learning with Leaders: Automotive Cloud

Launching Salesforce Automotive Cloud As a design and launch partner for Salesforce Automotive Cloud, Concentrix is helping to drive the innovations that are moving the automotive industry forward. With... Read more

Take Extra Care of Loyalty Members During Uncertain Economic Times

It’s not rocket science, and they’ll reward you for it. Just when brands thought they’d survived the pandemic and global supply chain shortages, two and half years later, customers... Read more

Leveraging technology to overcome barriers to inclusion

In Australia alone, at least 5 million consumers are vulnerable to exclusion due to accessibility challenges. A recent study by WebAIM estimates that only 1% of websites and applications... Read more

Why providers must see patients as consumers

About 80 percent of what affects health outcomes happens outside of a provider’s office. In addition, at any given time, only 15 percent of the people in a population... Read more

Charting customer journeys that lead to CX success

Establish your customer journey map, and loyalty, trust and new revenue streams will follow Building great customer experiences (CX) is how many companies will differentiate, expand, and grow in... Read more

How healthcare providers can build patient loyalty programs

Would you trust a retail store, such as CVS or Walgreens, with facilitating your healthcare appointment? According to our recent survey of 1,016 healthcare consumers, over 60% of respondents... Read more

How digital tools converge into a new automation fabric

In today’s digital world, a convergence of automation technologies including robotic process automation (RPA), low code tools, native integration platforms (iPaaS), process intelligence, chatbots, and machine learning make up... Read more

Standardizing mobile apps with AWS Amplify and React Native

Getting started building mobile applications has never been simpler. In the world of tech today there appear to be about a gazillion ways of doing things, and it’s easy... Read more

WWDC 2021 announcements

This year the whole virtual WWDC 21 was really action packed with lots of new APIs for developers and features for users. Below is the view of our engineers... Read more

Google I/O 2021

After being called off last year due to the pandemic Google I/O has once again (albeit virtually) returned to our lives. This year I/O kicked off with a keynote... Read more