Follow the Seller: Contextual Enablement
POSTED : July 13, 2022
BY : Loren Bors

Sellers today have access to an abundance of information, and sales enablement teams are tasked with helping sift and surface the right details at the right moment. Enablement technology and tools keep changing, and we’re all playing catch-up.

Solving this common issue is a new kind of enablement tool that follows sellers across platforms, processes, and sales engagements to give them context and content. These tools help surface the right information and guide use of the right features when sellers need them. We call this contextual enablement, and we think it’s awesome. Contextual enablement is even more powerful when combined with sales collateral. A sales enablement platform enhanced by a contextual enablement tool brings enormous value to sellers, no matter where they are in their workflows.

We’re so excited about the potential of these tools to solve critical seller training and change management issues that we’ve partnered with Spekit and Seismic, two sales enablement technology leaders. Seismic has spent over a decade expanding and refining its Enablement Cloud, with an enterprise-grade platform that provides content management, customer outreach, and performance analytics. Spekit has built an intuitive interface that inserts wiki and tool tip functionalities into complementary web apps using individual, keyword enabled entries called Speks.

To support the launch of a common connector to bring Spekit to Seismic and Seismic-supported content into Spekit, Concentrix Catalyst produced a content pack for Seismic—a foundational kit of Speks that you can download and use to jump start your joint deployment. It’s a great way to empower sellers to quickly navigate the platform, complete their tasks, and focus on building relationships rather than hunting for assets. It also puts sellers in control of their training, with headlines and how-to at the top, and deeper, more traditional learning paths available to them below the fold.

Here’s an example of one such Spek:

We expect tools like Spekit to grow quickly—as sales tech stacks multiply and complexity increases, sellers have to learn new technologies more rapidly (multiple new tools a quarter compared with the more traditional schedule of one or two tools launched per year). Curation via context will be the difference between accomplishing tasks and driving revenue vs. seller frustration and churn.

Ultimately, no technology solution on its own solves information overload and seller experience. If you’ve been thinking about how to update your enablement strategy, recently invested in new sales tech and want to understand how to drive more value from it, or are looking ahead to a challenging economy and wondering how to rationalize your investments and get the most from your team, we’d be happy to chat with you about how an ecosystem of tools – well architected and governed – can make all the difference.

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Loren Bors

Loren Bors

Senior Director, Digital Selling

Mary Fritz

Mary Fritz