travel loyalty programs

How travel, tourism, and hospitality must evolve loyalty programs post-pandemic

Travel loyalty programs have played a critical role in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries since the first frequent flyer program was launched over 40 years ago. For many brands, those programs aren’t substantively all that different, relying on points and transactional benefits to drive customer retention. And yet the pandemic has fundamentally changed travel and loyalty.

We partnered with Salesforce to survey more than 500 leaders in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. Based on our findings, the travel loyalty report is designed to help travel companies navigate the uncertainty that lies ahead in the post-pandemic rebound.

Travel loyalty programs

Download the report and discover:

  • An evolving definition of what a loyalty leader is.
  • The loyalty and membership practices that are driving greater customer retention.
  • How widespread misperceptions about personalization are leading to failed initiatives.
  • Steps companies can take to mature their loyalty programs.

Take the assessment to see how ready your loyalty program is for the post-pandemic rebound.


Julie Wotruba

Julie Wotruba

Senior Director, Strategy Consulting Insights, Concentrix Catalyst