Staff Spotlight 2
POSTED : February 1, 2022
BY : Ramesh Chimalapati

Every month, we like to highlight a few of our exceptional staff and give them a chance to share more about themselves and what they enjoy most about being a part of Concentrix Catalyst. This week, we shine a light on Ramesh Chimalapati, Delivery Manager.

Tell us about yourself.

After completing my bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering in India, I finished my MBA in Management and Leadership from the University of Kansas, during my 5-year deputation in the US. I would describe myself as a fun-loving person that is very passionate about sports having spent significant time playing tennis, volleyball, badminton, and cricket. I love video games and my Play Station. I absolutely love dancing and as of late, I’m binging a bunch of shows on Netflix and Prime.

What do you do at Concentrix Catalyst?

In my current role as the Delivery Head for the Healthcare vertical, my key responsibilities include proactively understanding business pain points, suggesting value adds, and delivering them with the help of my team. I constantly find ways to deliver maximum value to all the stakeholders I engage with, be it the clients, leadership, or my delivery team. My day-to-day duties include vertical growth, client and employee engagement, and hiring.

What do you love about your work?

As a Delivery Head, I get the opportunity to lead projects in diverse technologies. This not only gives me the opportunity to constantly upskill, learn new and interesting things, it also allows me to fulfill employee aspirations in an expedited way. Fostering a culture of upskilling among the employees and empowering them to achieve their aspirations and shape their careers gives me the utmost satisfaction.

What is it like working at Concentrix Catalyst?

I always enjoy my career-related interactions with my reporting managers. I have been fortunate to work with several leaders at Catalyst who share a common passion to consistently add value to the organization and grow along with it. I always strive to work with my manager to proactively set tangible goals for the year and deliver results exceeding the goals, thereby getting a chance to fulfill my aspirations. This has given me a great positive impression of the culture of transparency and accelerated growth at Catalyst.

What is something you’ve learned in your time at Concentrix Catalyst?

Leadership skills have always been my forte and I am fortunate to get the opportunity to deliver to the expectations. Coming from mainframes and Java background, during my tenure at Concentrix, I did get a chance to learn a lot of niche technical skills based on project demand. For example, I was able to learn Python in-depth and get a HackerRank gold badge. I got trained on AWS and I am now an AWS certified solutions architect. Both these helped me in successfully starting a new account in the healthcare vertical when the opportunity came. I was also able to improve on my table tennis and chess skills quite a bit by playing with colleagues at Catalyst.

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