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POSTED : December 20, 2021
BY : Dinesh Venugopal

According to Forrester Research, “A strong global digital experience service provider will integrate its offerings end to end to: deliver differentiated experiences by bringing creative to the fore… design, build, and operate digital marketing, commerce, and customer experiences… [and] analyze and optimize your customer experience and business success.”

Forrester’s “Now Tech: Global Digital Experience Services, Q4 2021” report provides an overview of 37 vendors’ market presence and capabilities and recognizes providers of global digital experience services. Concentrix Catalyst has been selected as one of the providers in the report. Below, Dinesh Venugopal reflects on both Concentrix Catalyst’s inclusion and why he believes Concentrix Catalyst provides strong digital experience services for our clients.

Q: Why do you think Forrester included Concentrix Catalyst in their report?

A: Forrester compiled this report to overview global digital experience service providers. They interviewed 66 global digital experience service providers about their capabilities, partnerships, and the industries they focus on, and ended up selecting 37 to include in the report. To me, it’s a badge of honor for Concentrix Catalyst to be included.

Q: What, in your opinion, sets Concentrix Catalyst’s approach apart from other vendors?

A: In my opinion, Concentrix Catalyst brings to the table an end-to-end offering: what we like to refer to as our design, build, and run capabilities. Our belief in combining great design and strong tech to create experiences that drive meaningful, fundamentally human outcomes has resulted in many satisfied clients. We also bring a full suite of digital capabilities across multiple industries including telecom, healthcare, retail, and technology, and have been committed to craftsmanship in our work for over 20 years.

Q: Why do you think that our clients love working with Concentrix Catalyst?

A: First, we are a customer-obsessed company, which is exactly what our clients are looking for in a partner. Many of our clients have reported that we have helped them transform their digital experience—such as an optimized, personalized customer journey or a core operation for employees—into a quality, pioneering digital experience that end-users love. Our NPS score of 65, as measured by a neutral third party, reflects this. Clients have also told us that they trust us in our delivery. We look at the challenge from the user’s perspective and design the solution from there, resulting in accelerated outcomes for customers, partners, and employees alike. We’re proud of how our work has innovated the moments that matter in people’s everyday lives.

Q: Where do you think the digital experience is headed in the future?

A: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid customer experiences—combining digital and physical connections—will remain the norm. Many people have realized the benefits of a decentralized, digital world, which includes increased flexibility and on-demand services. At the same time, people are eager to return to in-person experiences, so finding the right balance between digital and physical experiences will be key for organizations moving forward.

In addition, organizations must shift their thinking to the customer-to-core approach to acknowledge how experiences translate into people’s personal lives while preserving what they do best for customers. By putting people first, the customer-to-core approach modernizes enterprises in such a way that makes hybrid customer experience possible.

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About the Interviewee
Dinesh VenugopalDinesh Venugopal has more than 25 years of cross-functional leadership experience driving transformative initiatives and high growth levels for leading international and publicly traded digital services companies. His background spans leadership in product engineering, services management, technology innovation, strategy, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing, global client management, and operations. Dinesh leads the strategic acceleration of Concentrix Catalyst’s experience engineering offerings with a laser focus on problem-solving and an entrepreneurial approach. He is a champion of talent development and diversity and inclusion, focusing on colleague engagement, community engagement, and recruiting. Prior to joining Concentrix Catalyst, Dinesh was President at Mphasis, where he led the Digital Business unit across all industry verticals and drove above industry growth while increasing profitability.