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Ketchup packets, microchips, lumber—this has been a year of supply chain disruption. For companies to be successful in the new normal, their supply chain must be both agile and resilient. Our Forrester recognized automation team has helped brands like Sempra, Sprint, and American Express accelerate time-to-market with automation solutions while fostering agility and resiliency to keep pace with market changes.

Join Ross Bentley, Senior Director of Automation at Concentrix Catalyst, as he details how organizations can utilize automation to enhance supply chain agility. He’ll deep dive into the challenges supply chains currently face and how automation can meet rapidly shifting consumer demand, including:

  • Creative mining of complex business processes
  • Digital supply chain enablement
  • Improving warehouse operational efficiency
  • Citizen developer empowerment

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About the presenter
Ross BentleyRoss Bentley is Managing Director of Automation at Concentrix Catalyst and has over 20 years of experience in quality assurance and automation, joining clients in solving complex quality, automation, and delivery challenges.