PK employee spotlight: Senior Data and Analytics Manager Stu Teel
POSTED : July 29, 2021
BY : Stu Teel

Every month, we like to highlight a few of our exceptional staff and give them a chance to share more about themselves and what they enjoy most about being a part of Concentrix Catalyst. This week, we shine a light on Stu Teel, a senior manager on our Data and Analytics team.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Concentrix Catalyst Employee Spotlight: Senior Data Analytics Manager Stu Teel

I’m an avid tennis player and play as much as time allows. I have an awesome wife and two happy kids, two and four years old, who take up most of my time outside of work!

What do you do at Concentrix Catalyst?

My career has been spent working with data and software. I’ve done everything from data analytics work, software configuration and implementation, program management, and now dashboard and data visualization management. I’m a data geek and love solving business problems with data and actionable insights.

What’s it like working at Concentrix Catalyst.

Concentrix Catalyst is filled with passionate, smart, and dedicated people. It makes the day-to-day extremely rewarding, and you know you are going into battle with the best.

Concentrix Catalyst Employee Spotlight: Senior Data Analytics Manager Stu Teel

What do you love about your work?

I love solving business problems for non-technical clients using data, engineering, and human-centered design. Being able to showcase how powerful the things we build are and to see how impactful they are is very rewarding. It makes all the stress and hard work pay off in the end.

What is something you are most proud of in your work at Concentrix Catalyst?

Concentrix Catalyst Employee Spotlight: Senior Data Analytics Manager Stu Teel

When I first started at Concentrix Catalyst, I joined a large project at Microsoft working for the Azure Technical Marketing team. It was a big undertaking with lots of complicated steps, but it turned out very well, and we were nominated by the client as a supplier of the year at Microsoft.

What is something you’ve learned in your time at Concentrix Catalyst?

People management! I have had the opportunity in the past to manage 1 or 2 people, interns, and junior analysts, but the role at Concentrix Catalyst has really helped open a broader view of people management. I’ve learned a lot about how to navigate new scenarios and approaches. I love my team and I enjoy working with them on a daily basis and watching them produce some really wicked cool stuff.

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About the interviewee
Stu TeelStu Teel serves as senior manager, Data and Analytics at Concentrix Catalyst. He is analytically driven with focus on business and customer service. His passions fall within the BI and reporting realm of industry and technology, and he thrives on understanding the business, diving into the data, and presenting insights geared toward making future impact. Tags: