In this 30-minute session, we’ll explore how Nuvolo can vastly improve healthcare organizations’ clinical and facilities service and asset management capabilities while reducing long-term costs, all on the powerful and familiar ServiceNow platform.

You will learn:

  • How Nuvolo can be used to consolidate multiple legacy asset management solutions for clinical and facilities functions.
  • Opportunities for service management and process automation improvements leveraging Nuvolo on NOW.
  • Key success factors for implementing Nuvolo Connected Workplace in your environment.
  • How Concentrix Catalyst can help drive business value and cost reductions in your enterprise workplace with comprehensive healthcare solutions.

To learn more about how Concentrix Catalyst is changing the landscape of patient data in healthcare, download our report on using artificial intelligence to predict hospital readmission rates.

About the presenters

Brian BleikeBrian Bleike is the director of Concentrix Catalyst’s ServiceNow-Nuvolo center of excellence, a Premier Nuvolo services partner providing implementation services to healthcare companies. Before joining Concentrix Catalyst, Brian served as Program Manager of numerous ServiceNow, ITSM, and compliance initiatives for organizations across several industry verticals.

Dustin SmithDustin Smith is a senior solution consultant at Nuvolo working with Healthcare organizations around the country. Prior to joining Nuvolo, Dustin worked at Intermountain Healthcare as the Central Support Manager for Clinical Engineering.