PK’s Clay Walton-House Featured in Forrester Report on Personalization
POSTED : February 10, 2020
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

In the January 28th, 2020 Forrester report, “Use Personalization to Drive Loyalty and Customer Obsession,” Concentrix Catalyst’s Clay Walton-House discusses how to build emotional resonance with customers. As the Managing Director of Concentrix Catalyst’s Integrated Loyalty Services, Walton-House provides keen insight into how loyalty marketers can gain more traction with customers through a purer form of personalization.

Because personalization in loyalty marketing can miss the mark due to an over-obsession with the consumer as purchaser, resulting in negative customer sentiment towards a brand, Forrester advocates for the three R’s of personalization: relevance, resonance, and restraint. According to Walton-House, “presenting information or providing an experience that taps into a deeper understanding [of] who a customer is goes beyond the immediate brand to a space you fill or are connected to in that person’s life.” By tying the brand to emotional resonance, companies can have a more lasting effect that extends well beyond the shelf life of a single purchase.

In addition to emotional resonance, an ideal profile of your customer goes a long way towards personalizing the customer experience. A sample ideal profile from Concentrix Catalyst appears in the Forrester Report. It details the essential information marketers need to capture as they craft campaigns and content that speak to the needs of their customers. Ultimately, the data you capture should inform the customer profile, providing an in-depth understanding of common characteristics and preferences that provide a foundation for meaningful customer experiences. Without the underlying data as the backbone of the profile, personalization would be nothing more than guesswork and assumptions.

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