Why We’re Experts in Moments That Matter
POSTED : January 7, 2020
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

After being in the hospital, getting the all-clear to go home can feel both liberating and yet anxiety-inducing at the same timeWhat comes next—from outpatient care to the prospect of complicated medication regimens and treatments or even readmission—can inject fear and uncertainty into a healthy prognosis. In moments that matter like these, delivering the right experience for patients can make all the difference.  

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It’s why organizations like Ascension Health, the largest nonprofit health system in the U.S., are tapping into analytics to reduce practice variation and improve discharge planning – and, in the process, are decreasing readmission rates and empowering patients with higher quality care. With Concentrix Catalyst’s help, Ascension took discharge process, recognized its momentous impact on the lives of its patients and transformed it. By getting to the heart of what customers need, Ascension could craft uniquely effective touchpoints that solve patients’ health concerns.    

These moments are being realized in more than just healthcare. Across industries, customers now demand connected, informed experiences. Purchasing habits are evolving, with customers no longer guided by product or service features or the lowest price.  

It’s no longer enough to just have the latest app or rewards program, aomnichannel in-store experience or a novel way to connect patients with health information. The leading brands of today must differentiate themselves in ways that speak not only to the customer experience but also to the human experienceAnd Concentrix Catalyst equips clients to deliver those touchpoints.   

We’re experts in moments that matter because of our ability to create experiences that “wow” customers and speak to what it means to be alive at this moment in timeIt’s a standard that drives our company of designers, makers and builders to think beyond what’s possible to what’s next, delivering results harnessed from human insights and cuttingedge technologyTogether with our clients, we’re leading a revolution in customer-brand interaction.  

What does it take to unlock moments that matter?  

We combine great design and technical know-how to capture value, but it’s the impact on people we care most about. Crafting distinctive experiences requires an intuitive understanding of the intimate bonds between brands and customers.       

Healthcare, for example, is filled with moments that matter: in-person and digital interactions with medical professionals for everything from routine checkups to pain management, childbirth and more.  So when we helped a nonprofit health system with more than 100 hospitals resolve challenges with its online presence and content management system (CMS), we focused on removing the obstacles to patient engagement. Our team surfaced information critical to the health system’s membersguaranteeing they have the right support and information during those moments that matter most 

The organization had six websites with a patchwork of different CMS platforms, making it difficult to update or add new information. It was a less-than-ideal experience for its patients and one that ultimately prevented the organization from achieving its mission to deliver ease of care. Our team identified and implemented a new CMS that enabled the nonprofit to get new information to its patients rapidlyDoing so required transformation of the organization’s architecture as well as development and content migration. Interactions with the nonprofit’s patients were streamlined with access to the right information at the right time via an agile, interactive content manager. Patients are now able to find their provider’s information when they need it.    

In retail, it’s the bond between customer and brand that defines the moments that matter. Customers are looking to brands to provide emotional and compelling interactions, from helping them discover on-trend clothes to simplifying an otherwise stressful day.  

Why we’re experts in moments that matterFor Starbucks, this took the form of a reimagined drive-thru experience adapted to the immediate, day-to-day needs of its customersWe conducted primary research that identified speed of service as the top factor driving customers to return then crafted a strategy to achieve faster throughput and personalized interaction.  

Realizing this vision required centralizing network operations, implementing digital instrumentation of drive-thrus, developing a proprietary loyalty payment app to support the new environment, and piloting several stores and platforms to ensure the new experience delivered as desired. In total, the newunified drive-thru experience generated a 20% increase in average purchases and $400 million in new revenue. For coffee-lovers, reducing the obstacles to that first cup in the morning is a life-saving grace.  

We also helped Columbia Sportswear create an experience that furthered its goal of helping customers enjoy the outdoors. Columbia knew its customers wanted to focus on their activitiesso its app-enabled journaling without taking away from adventure. The app encouraged customers to celebrate their adventures by capturing notes, photos and videos, which automatically place GPS tags on a trek map.  With our guidance, Columbia gave its customers a way to engage with the brand and other outdoor enthusiasts in a meaningful wayeven while they were on the trail.  

When great design meets strong tech, you’ll find organizations leading their industries, building real emotional bonds with their customers, and delivering “wow” moments at every turn. At Concentrix Catalyst, our promise to deliver moments that matter enables our clients to place the real-world needs, concerns and emotions of their customers at the heart of every interaction. Together, we’re creating pioneering experiences that will ultimately enable our clients to run the future. 

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