revenue funnel building
POSTED : December 11, 2019
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

Any discussion of marketing and sales funnels should begin with one question: How do my leads become closed-won deals?

A revenue funnel is designed to keep you organized and save you from “random acts of marketing” or “fly by the seat of your pants sales” where you spend time and budget on questionable campaigns of dubious value simply because you had the time or budget to run them. If you’re a high-growth technology company with serious revenue goals, you owe it to your organization and your future success to be more rigorous than that.

Introduction to revenue funnel building

In this e-book you’ll learn:

  • The difference between a revenue funnel and a sales or marketing funnel
  • How to create entry and exit criteria for each stage of the funnel
  • Ways to harmonize sales and marketing
  • A proven approach to building an effective funnel blueprint

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