POSTED : August 27, 2019
BY : Amish Brahmbhatt

Cyber crime is one of the main threats in the online world. With so many businesses going online, overall security has become more than important. Hackers are always tracking potential victims by searching the websites and their weak points. This endangers the entire industry and calls for enhanced security protocols.

Cyber Security of Online SitesGeneral Online Security

Cyber security is a big problem in the modern technological world. New websites are emerging every day and customers get attracted. It takes a few minutes to leave your personal and financial data at the site and become a potential target. That’s why websites constantly work on improvements and enhancements of the overall security. When speaking about the most typical threats, we can mention spam, viruses and malware, DDoS attacks, and similar. Online security has never been so important and that’s why online businesses search for efficient measures in keeping safety on the highest possible level.

Types of Websites 

There are a lot of different websites out there and almost all of them require user information. No matter of your activity online, you will always be required to leave certain information – either personal or financial. Going forward, you won’t be able to purchase online or watch favorite content if you don’t leave your personal details and banking information. That’s the real problem of online websites as they quickly become the target of hackers who want to steal all these details and misuse them for personal gain.

Website Examples 

When it comes to most types of websites, people typically come across online shopping stores and the casino platforms of online gaming sites. These sites enjoy extreme popularity among users as people like to purchase something online or entertain themselves.  Online shopping websites are very present today and you will be able to purchase different things on leading platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Wish, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Walmart, Etsy, and many more. Here you will find anything you need and enjoy swift delivery. However, the internet is a place where small businesses offer their services as well. When they start offering products, they face tough competition. At the same time, small businesses are not able to invest a lot in security protocols and they become an easy target for hackers.  

The same case exists with casino platforms. Online casinos must provide high levels of cyber security due to the nature of their business. We typically deal with five major types of cyber security risks when working with clients in this industry. The two main issues that casino operators all over the world deal with are preventing player account hacking and securing player data.

Website Design

Despite ongoing security threats, online businesses have many different ways to increase the security of their websites. By making some improvements they can enhance the overall protection and get regular visitors:

  • Keeping Software and Plugins updated: Online websites become targets due to outdated software. Hackers are working all the time to detect vulnerable platforms and attack them. That’s why you need to conduct regular updates to keep your site vital. If your site runs on outdated software, its security is not high. You can choose automatic updates and make manual adjustments.
  • Include HTTPS and an SSL Certificate: HTTPS is a well-known protocol utilized to provide internet security. HTTPS hinders interceptions and potential interruptions. Your site also needs an SSL certificate. If you require users to register or make any transaction, you will need this upgrade. SSL encrypts all information and prevents other people to access it.  
  • Pick a Strong Password: When creating a new account, you always need to come up with an original password combination. You want to invent a random and difficult password that consists of both numbers and letters as well as special characters. When using the CMS system, your site will need a secure password.
  • Choose a Secure Web Host: When you have a website, you need a good hosting company that also works as the address of your site. Some hosting providers offer security features that will additionally protect your website.

Website security has never been more important. By keeping to the highest safety standards, you can avoid potential attacks and stay safe online.