Reinventing the Brick-and-Mortar Experience
POSTED : August 30, 2019
BY : Martin Mehalchin

It’s been a rough ride for brick-and-mortar retailers.

What’s more, a new generation of upstarts has grown in leaps and bounds by using technology to deliver refreshing and rewarding journeys to shoppers. There’s no end in sight to the tectonic shifts currently taking place, but retailers that develop distinctive interactions that transcend the physical-digital divide are able to better communicate with their customers, and in turn, create the kinds of experiences they’re seeking.

Reinventing the brick-and-mortar experience

With clients like Vans, Starbucks, Petco, and Nordstrom, Concentrix Catalyst knows how to escalate growth for leading retailers. Our e-book, Reinventing the brick-and-mortar experience, lays out proven CX and marketing tactics to help thrive in the new world of retail.

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  • The omnichannel experiences that are driving consumer engagement.
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  • How to implement those trends to remain relevant.
  • The potential of headless commerce to accelerate your digital channels.

About the Author
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Martin Mehalchin is a Partner at Concentrix Catalyst where he heads the retail vertical. He has dedicated his career to working with executives and managers to help them define their strategies and then translate those strategies into results. Martin is a Brain Trust panel member on and is a sought after seminar leader and speaker at conferences and on webinars. Among the clients Martin has worked with are Nike, Atlantic Records, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Expedia, Victoria’s Secret, Adidas and DuPont. Martin is a Board member and Chair of the Marketing Committee for the North Cascades Institute.

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