Digital transformation is taking businesses by storm, causing organizations to abandon familiar routines and explore new ways to attract and retain their customers. New digital technologies aid companies in their pursuit to increase internal productivity while enhancing the customer experience. For example, cloud services will be a major player in helping businesses move into the virtual space.

Nineteen percent of survey respondents said they would pursue artificial intelligence projects in the cloud rather than using on-premises software.

Many companies are transitioning from siloed, on-premise systems to integrated, cloud-based applications. By using a fully integrated suite of business applications, such as Salesforce, your business will be set up for success and open the door for endless potential benefits like more marketing automation options or a virtual community for easier collaboration with customers and partners.

Converting leads into long-term customers will always be the main focus of any business. This process is something we consider lead-to-cash. By taking a lead-to-cash approach to your IT systems, your organization will improve revenue growth and profitability.

With the many advancements in digital technologies, how can you leverage these and adjust your current methods to increase the bottom line? Check out these three ways to introduce digital transformation into your existing processes:


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Stephanie GaughenStephanie Gaughen is a senior Pardot consultant at Concentrix Catalyst. She holds a master’s degree in media and communications. She has a passion for entrepreneurship, technology innovation, and next-generation marketing.