Best Practices for Cleaning Salesforce Data
POSTED : December 20, 2018
BY : Spencer Pereira

After using Salesforce for some time, your Salesforce data can begin to get cluttered or inaccurate. Or, if you’re looking to move to Salesforce, you’ll be wise to set a plan to clean your data before you migrate it over. At larger organizations, data engineers may be responsible for these tasks, however, most small to mid-sized businesses rely on their managers to clean up and migrate their data.

It can be no small task to clean, maintain, or migrate data within your Salesforce data. Mismanagement of this process could lead to downtime, sales processes taking longer than expected, missing pieces of the customer journey, and outright confusion. And that’s not even considering GDPR laws enacted in Europe.

This infographic will walk you through how to clean house to ensure your Salesforce data is clean, up-to-date, and easily migrated (if necessary). Let’s start:

cleaning your salesforce data

If you’re stuck in a rut with outdated data, missing information, and duplicate leads without a solution in place, contact Concentrix Catalyst. We are Salesforce experts and can set you on the path to update, clean, and maintain a healthy database.

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