25 Days of EXM to Make your Days Merry and Bright
POSTED : December 12, 2018
BY : Julie Donovan

The holidays are a time for giving, so our own Pete Navarra decided to give the gift of knowledge to Sitecore users!

Pete has launched 25 Days of EXM on his personal blog, Sitecore Hacker. This series focuses on how to use Sitecore 9’s EXM (short for Email Experience Manager) feature, and is aimed at both marketers using the platform as well as developers building upon it. Each day features a new topic, with topics so far including The Email Manager Root in DetailConfiguring Custom SMTP Settings in EXM, and Sending Your First Email.

EXM uses marketing automation technology to create connected experiences for email. It is ideal for busy marketers who would like to create personalized emails for their customers but don’t have the time or the resources to do so. Ideally, marketing emails should be tailored to the customers’ interests, so that companies don’t lose the attention of their audiences.

Included in Sitecore’s EXM platform are an A/B testing feature, the ability to send emails in multiple languages, and the power to create and manage recipient lists. EXM users can also view detailed analytics reports and manage both suppression lists and lists of domains.

EXM also allows users to send emails to different groups of people. It builds these segments automatically based on recipients’ behavior, which saves time and energy for marketers who use the feature. The benefit of using EXM is its full integration within the Sitecore ecosystem, allowing not only for the convenience of users’ platforms existing all in one place, but also for the ability to keep website and email content strategies in sync with one another.

25 Days of EXM builds off of the momentum of Pete’s popular demonstration “EXM Live! The Magic of Automation” at Sitecore Symposium last October. In it, Pete showed attendees how to use EXM, and explored its history and how to scale out its capabilities to send millions of emails.

Here is a complete list of all previous and upcoming posts for 25 Days of EXM (including the webinar):

November 28: Sitecore 9.1 EXM Changes – An Overview

December 2: Introduction to Email Experience Manager

December 3: The Email Manager Root in Detail

December 4: Configuring CustomSMTP Settings in EXM

December 5: Sending Your First Email – Part 1

December 6: Sending Your First Email – Part 2

December 7: Sending Your First Email – Part 3

December 8: Sending Your First Email – Part 4

December 9: Creating a Custom Email Template – Part 1

December 10: Creating a Custom Email Template – Part 2

December 11: Creating a Custom Email Template – Part 3

December 12: Regular Message vs. Automated Message

December 13: Email Variants: Content Testing Emails in EXM

December 13: EXM Live! An Email Automation Experience (BONUS webinar)

December 14: Personalizing EXM Campaign Emails

December 15: List Manager – Contact Lists vs. Segment Lists

December 16: Hostname Mapper – Making URLs Properly

December 17: Managing the Unsubscribe – Part 1

December 18: Managing the Unsubscribe – Part 2

December 19: Managing the Unsubscribe – Part 3

December 20: Managing the Unsubscribe – Part 4

December 21: Managing the Unsubscribe – Part 5

December 22: Marketing Automation with EXM

December 23: Connecting Email Experiences

December 24: Scaling EXM

December 25: EXM Developer’s Guide: Processes and Pipelines

We hope you have a festive holiday season and enjoy the rest of Pete’s blog series!

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