B2B companies are racing to implement an account-based marketing strategy, but 60% quit after just one pilot. Why?

Shifting to an account-based marketing strategy can significantly increase ROI, but only if done right. A successful ABM program starts with a successful ABM pilot, requiring thorough planning and careful execution.

  • How do I partner effectively with Sales?
  • How do I define an attainable, specific goal for my pilot?
  • How do I measure my pilot’s success?
  • Which KPIs do I use to communicate to leadership?

Concentrix Catalyst’s Pilot Guide to Account-Based Marketing enables companies to tackle these questions effectively. The visual guide offers quick tips to launch an ABM pilot the right way:

This guide offers quick tips on how to ensure your ABM pilot is a success, including:

  • Guidance on what steps to prioritize first
  • Strategies to optimize the Marketing-Sales relationship
  • KPIs that truly measure your pilot’s effectiveness
  • Tips on how to improve your pilot once it’s been launched

Download this free guide to help ensure your company’s ABM pilot is designed to succeed and prepared to scale.

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“Jen Winter

Jen leads Concentrix Catalyst’s Technology and Software vertical. Her passion is helping clients leverage their most important asset—their customers. Throughout her career, she has focused on the design and construction of connected marketing and sales channel programs. Her penchant for technology continues to drive her focus on technology integration and adoption to increase program performance and speed to market. Prior to her work at Concentrix Catalyst, Jen was a co-founder of Lenati, a marketing and sales consulting firm, as well as Vice President for the Pacific Northwest practice of Hitachi Consulting.