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POSTED : April 30, 2015
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

Get it right when engaging with the born-digital

Millennials, born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, are coming of age and will have an ever-growing impact on the workforce over the next several years.  According to, it is estimated that there are 75 million millennials in the U.S. alone, making it even larger than the Baby Boomer generation. Every business is eyeing this mammoth group of purchasing influencers.  Uncovering how to effectively pursue millennial digital engagement engage wins you the keys to the kingdom in terms of growth.  Yet many businesses and marketers are struggling with how to connect with this born-digital generation.  So who exactly are these millennials?

Millennials are digitally connected and socially savvy

They arrived in time to ride the 21st Century technology wave and were practically born with a laptop in one hand and a smartphone in the other.  In fact, 97 percent of Millennials are connected online.  According to Pew Research Center, 75 percent have a profile on social networks. They can become a social amplifier for your brand if they “like” you: 52 percent have over 300 Facebook friends, 43 percent have liked more than 20 brands on Facebook, and 66 percent would look up a store after seeing their friend had checked in, according to Mashable.

21 percent of Millennials are Hispanic

Stop and think about that for a minute…21 percent of any market is significant.  You can’t just consider Hispanic marketing as a sidebar to your core marketing strategy.  If you want to win with this target audience, cultural relevance must be central to your overall marketing efforts.  It’s not enough to simply translate your advertising and collateral into Spanish. You need to understand how this segment make decisions, and what is important to them in order to engage and win them over.

Millennials are mobile-first

They have embraced mobile technology like no other generation, with 83 percent of Millennials owning smartphones. They have little patience for anything that does not cater to mobile-first.  In fact, Millennials are more likely to delete an email if it’s not suited for mobile. Key takeaway — ensuring your digital communications are built responsive is expected. A recent blog by Concentrix Catalyst’s Customer Retention & Loyalty Expert, Gina Cuff highlights that 36 percent of Millennials would contact a company more frequently if they could text them.

Millennials are part of a “myth buster” generation that prides itself on cutting through the BS.  They question first, want to see it first-hand, and need you to prove it.  Millennials can smell marketing a mile away, so your best bet is to be authentic and offer engagement opportunities that allow them to discover for themselves the value of your brand.  Yolo.

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