B2B Content Marketing: It’s Not All About You
POSTED : February 16, 2015
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

Most B2B marketers already engage in some form of content marketing. Depending on what research you’ve read, it’s anywhere from 80-90% of marketers are using content to drive leads. They post to blogs, tweet, build case studies, videos, ebooks, digital guides, infographics, and even whitepapers. Creating content is not the issue. What it boils down to is the quality of what is produced.

According to Corporate Visions Demand Gen Report, 80% of marketers are on the fence about their demand generation effectiveness. When asked why, 37% say it’s because their content isn’t engaging or compelling. Let’s stop there a minute. Content is not engaging? With the ability to monitor consumption, downloads, shares, social sentiment, etc., it’s hard to believe that marketers would push out boring content, but unfortunately that happens.

“When marketers don’t recognize that their charter is to produce content buyers want, then content marketing quickly degrades to talking about products, features, and what the company has to offer,” Forrester Analyst, Laura Ramos, explains.

It turns out that a majority of B2B content produced is focused on products and features instead of customer concerns and interests. How can you avoid this trap? Stop talking about yourself. You need to resist the temptation to focus all your content on your products or solutions. If you focus on a product-centric story, you are likely to turn a good piece of content into white noise. If over half of B2B prospects have already researched and formed an opinion of your business before ever actively engaging with you, then you can’t afford to produce any content that isn’t compelling for your audience.

Connect with your audience by focusing your story on the customer’s point of view. To be relevant, you have to be where your audience is—be mobile and social with highly consumable and sharable content that hits on core truths from audience insights. The better you are about creating truly engaging and relevant content designed from the customers’ perspective, the better chance you have to break through the noise and start down the path of customer engagement.

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