POSTED : August 11, 2014
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

Conversion optimization is becoming table stakes for any lead gen or e-commerce site these days. Brands are getting more sophisticated tools, processes, and teams focused on A/B testing and conversion optimization. The evolution of the Customer Experience optimization perspective has helped brands expand their definition of optimization beyond the Marketing team, and beyond SEO and A/B Testing. Through this lens experiences can be optimized through better collaboration with graphic, developers, usability experts, content authors, brand owners, and upper management. A more holistic perspective of optimization now appears over the horizon and everyone across the organization is invited to participate. It’s going to be a party.

The 2013 E-Consultancy Conversion Rate Optimization Report shows that 59% of brands, and 41% of agencies consider conversion optimization to be a critical part of their business. The same report also shows that companies are primarily focusing on Sales, Revenue, and Lead Volume when they talk about the success of their on-site optimization program.

Any savvy digital marketer knows that these are ultimately the key performance indicators that they are responsible to their stakeholders for, but what about the brands accountability to their customers? Where does customer experience optimization come into play?

According to Watermark Consulting’s analysis of Forrester Research’s annual Customer Experience Index, brands that are leading in customer experience are also leading in improving incremental returns.

Customer experience leaders outperform the market (2007-2012)

Six-year stock performance of Forrester’s Customer Experience index leaders versus laggards census S&P 500

A great party takes a lot of planning, coordination, and rigor, but rallying your team around the idea of having the best party ever gives everyone a common perspective of the goal. Providing the best experience for your customers requires that disciplines and business lines team up around the common goal of optimizing the overall level of delight your customers receive from your brand. Consider these areas of your digital ecosystem, teams, and processes where experience optimization can be implemented and become more empowered to plan the CX party of the century.