POSTED : January 12, 2014
BY : Stephanie Gaughen

Are you familiar with the benefits of Salesforce Chatter? You should be.

We all know Salesforce likes to talk about the social enterprise, and facilitating social collaboration among employees in the cloud is only one piece of the puzzle.

Salesforce Chatter revolutionizes the way employees communicate with each other, especially in large organizations with a vast employee network or even small organizations with a workforce that is geographically dispersed.

But some organizations struggle with low user adoption, largely because sending and receiving email is so ingrained in employees’ daily work routines. Gaining buy-in from key influencers and understanding how to use Chatter and its benefits can help overcome this challenge.

Here are some key benefits of using Chatter and what it could help within your workplace:

1) De-clutter email

Cut down on the number of emails you send and receive by communicating with colleagues through tools within Chatter such as the news feed, group forums, file sharing, and online chat. Salesforce reports that Chatter reduces email by a  whopping 30 percent! Use Chatter to share project updates privately, to group members, or to all followers, then track comments within the message thread. Since Chatter also connects you to people throughout your organization, you can get answers to questions quickly from people in any department or location. You can also get feedback and collaborate to solve problems without reading and managing long email chains.

2) Eliminate meetings

Don’t meet just to meet. In the social enterprise, working in the cloud means you can work in teams easier than ever, and in many cases eliminate unnecessary meetings and ensure the times you do meet in person are more meaningful and constructive. Salesforce reports that using Chatter results in 27 percent fewer meetings. In Chatter, form a group and invite everyone connected to a specific project, then use the group forum to brainstorm ideas, share files and links, post project updates, recognize performance, and more. Salesforce Chatter becomes a virtual focus group where you can easily test ideas on coworkers. It gives everyone a voice, which means everyone participates and brings ideas to the table. Make sure to set a timeframe if you need responses by a certain date and time.

3) Share files easily

Instead of waiting for large files to attach and send through email, upload them and share them on Chatter. That means you also don’t need to download large files because you can view them right in Chatter. Chatter helps eliminate version mania because users can update the original file shared to the most current version.

4) Promote organizational cohesiveness

This is especially helpful for organizations where employees constantly come and go, or where employees are spread out across different regions and countries. Whereas in-office staff can converge on the nearby water cooler for office chit-chat, remote employees lose out on this traditional work pastime. Maintain a healthy employee culture by keeping remote employees in the loop.

5) Spark innovation

At Concentrix Catalyst, the benefits of Salesforce Chatter include a culture of innovation. When you use Chatter for the above scenarios, you are already doing just that. Post interesting articles, videos, websites, or other content relevant to your industry to keep everyone up-to-date on news and trends that can impact their work and make a difference to your bottom line. People are always looking for content that can help them do better in their jobs, and by sharing this content on Chatter, the ensuing discussions can bring meaningful change to your organization.

Download our complete guide to Salesforce Chatter.

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