API Security

APIs are fast becoming one of the most attacked surfaces on the internet.

Security that accelerates delivery

While companies may have policies, procedures, and protections in place for run-of-the-mill breaches, such as phishing and malware, many are being caught off guard by the new threat APIs pose. Household brand names, like Facebook and Panera Bread, among others, have experienced this new breed of cyber attack. How can companies protect sensitive customer and organizational data from bad actors seeking to exploit vulnerabilities in their APIs?


As Google Apigee’s 2019 and 2020 America’s Partner of the Year, our forward-thinking approach to API enterprise security revolves around a holistic methodology of prevention, automation, and oversight.


  • Inventory awareness and risk assessment

    PK provides accelerators and processes for creating and managing your API inventory over time, tracking meaningful metadata, assessing risk, and prioritizing risk.

  • Understand and address how risks happen

    Developers often build APIs for an immediately intended use, but over time APIs are almost always leveraged in unanticipated ways. PK helps our customers create practices and processes that manage API security concerns across the enterprise.

  • Understand modern trust models

    There has been a massive shift to direct API and individual data consumption on mobile devices and single-page applications. PK helps our customers reconcile this radical shift in exposure and authorization with modern security practices and patterns.

  • Shift Left

    To address today’s security concerns you must stop attacks before they happen. PK has established reliable shift-left practices that include standards and patterns, integrated security, automation, and a focus on communications and training to eliminate risk.

Lou Powell

Our approach to API orients enterprises around a culture of prevention as they shift left and enhance security, agility and speed without sacrificing the benefits of APIs.

Lou Powell

Head of API Enablement

Experience Concentrix Catalyst

API Management & Security

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Preventing an API attack

Lou Powell

EVP of Solutions and Innovation

API Management & Security

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API productization: The three essential elements

Pete Clare

VP of Digital & API Strategy

API Management & Security

What is your API IQ?

What is your API IQ?

Lou Powell

EVP of Solutions and Innovation

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