PK employee spotlight: Networking Engineer Luis Infante
POSTED : August 25, 2021
BY : Luis Infante

Every month, we like to highlight a few of our exceptional staff and give them a chance to share more about themselves and what they enjoy most about being a part of Concentrix Catalyst.  This week, we shine a light on Luis Infante, a software engineer in our Chihuahua, Mexico office. 

Concentrix Catalyst employee spotlight: Networking Engineer Luis Infante

Tell us a little about yourself. 

I love spending time with family, I am married and have one child. Currently, I play bass in a local band in the city. I also enjoy playing video games and reading books. I have been intrigued with video games since I was a child and for a period of time, I wanted to create and design video games. I think that is what sparked my initial interest in computers. Eventually, I went on to specialize in IT Security and Networking in college. 

What do you do at Concentrix Catalyst? 

I am a Networking Engineer at Concentrix Catalyst. My first project involved setting up the network for a new Concentrix Catalyst Office in Queretaro City. I really enjoyed that project and got to meet some really cool people from that office. After that, I started working on an expansion for Chihuahua’s Office network as the company was growing and more people were joining Concentrix Catalyst! I’m currently working with the US Engineering team, IT Security Team, and the Mexico IT Team. I feel most alive when working with different people from different areas (and countries) on different Projects. 

Concentrix Catalyst employee spotlight: Networking Engineer Luis Infante

What do you love about your work? 

I’ve always been interested in computers and found my passion for IT Security and Networking when I was a college student, so I’m very happy to be working on those areas at Concentrix Catalyst.  

What is something you’ve learned in your time at Concentrix Catalyst?   

Working with people from different offices (US, India, and Argentina) has definitely improved my communication skills. It’s great to work with people from other countries as they can add new perspectives to projects and different workflows, being part of a global team is a great experience! 

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About the interviewee
Luis InfantaLuis Infante is a networking engineer at Concentrix Catalyst. He has an extensive networking and IT Security Background, as well as Sysadmin experience. He spent the first portion of his career working in the telecom industry in different companies in Chihuahua, Mexico. Since 2015, he has specialized in IT security and networking, and currently works with Concentrix Catalyst’s IT and engineering teams in Mexico.