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POSTED : January 29, 2019
BY : Spencer Pereira

At a high level, the buyer’s journey is an intricate three-part process. By understanding each stage in full detail, individuals working in sales, marketing, or other consumer-influencing roles will be better equipped to affect consumers’ decisions.

To reiterate, the buyer’s journey is made up of:

  • Awareness: Essentially, this is when the buyer realizes they have a problem.
  • Consideration: Now that a problem has been identified, they must research valid options that could solve this problem.
  • Decision: After research, the buyer makes their choice on which solution to proceed with.

In our latest edition of Inside the buyer’s journey, we discussed the second step of this three-part process: Consideration. During this stage, potential buyers complete thorough research on two to four solutions to their problem. Then, buyers present the problem and top solution to upper management for purchase approval.

An in-depth look at decision

With approval to purchase, a buyer will now re-evaluate the top solutions that best fits their needs and their budget. Although buyers are typically eager to make this decision and start the implementation, they are often nervous about making an incorrect choice.

Have the marketing team provide reassurance to these potential buyers in the form of video testimonials and case studies. Return on investment, the growth of customer conversions, and faster connectivity should all be showcased in these customer success stories. When buyers see real-life examples of how your product or service has added value to other organizations, they are able to feel confident when imagining it at their own company.

Align your sales with the right marketing messaging

While your marketing team is sending these relatable resources, ensure that your sales team is making their final, and most well-thought-out pitches for that company. Remember the customer’s original problem from their awareness stage and explain the specific solution that will solve it. Were they concerned about seeing a low lead conversion rate? Demonstrate for them how your platform has increased client’s lead conversions by X% through automated triggers.

Although the main focus should be on solving the original problem at hand, highlight added benefits the buyer will also see. If the company you’re competing against for the buyer’s business can solve the same problem for the same price, what added benefit will they get from choosing your product or service?

Now that a buyer has confidently selected the best solution for their company, they’re ready to sign on the dotted line. You may have a new customer, but your company’s work is far from over. New customers are expecting to see results, and without training in their new product or service, these results may fall short. Utilize a customer representative backed by a knowledgeable support team to ensure that customers feel confident in their purchase. When customers receive this support and are using their new product or service to the best of its ability, they will be more likely to be retained as a customer in the future.

Decision tip:

Create an onboarding campaign specific to new customers. In this campaign, include tips to get started by your experts, what customers wished they knew earlier and guidelines for best practices.

Continue to delight in the buyer’s journey

The buyer’s journey should not end there just because a customer has made their purchase and is now able to use the product or service without assistance. Continue to foster your relationship with your buyers.

Request feedback on how the product or service is performing for your buyers on a quarterly basis. This is twofold in that you will understand your customer’s current level of satisfaction and you’ll receive invaluable advice from actual users on what areas are exceeding expectations and what areas may need a revamp. Take this information to heart and invest in the features your consumers want and need. Your buyers will see that their opinions are being heard, and be more likely to continue purchasing your product or service.

Decision Tip:

In the ideal world, consumers will enter into an evangelical stage where they are happy with and confident in their purchase. Collect these success stories from new and ongoing customers to use as resources for potential buyers. After all, nothing promotes your company quite like your satisfied customers!

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