The Blueprint to ABM Campaigns: Drive More Revenue
POSTED : October 12, 2017
BY : Concentrix Catalyst

If you could turn any company into a superfan of your brand, what company would you choose? What if you could create a list of “dream accounts,” turn them all into customers, and build a symbiotic business relationship with each of them?

Account-based marketing can’t quite do that for you, but it can help you get pretty darn close.

The Blueprint to Account-Based Marketing Campaigns is a perfect jumping-off point for B2B companies who want to drive more revenue from best-fit accounts using account-based strategies.

Whether you’re brand new to account-based marketing and want to pilot an ABM strategy or you’ve been doing ABM since before it had a name, this e-book will help you run a successful campaign that spans Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success.

The Blueprint to Account-Based Marketing Campaigns will provide you with the tools you need to:

  • Build your core ABM team
  • Select the best account-based tools and technology for your business
  • Set goals for your account-based marketing program
  • Pick an approach to ABM that fits your needs, goals, and resources
  • Orchestrate account-based plays among Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success
  • Measure ABM success and optimize your campaigns

This e-book also includes:

Real-world examples from ABM practitioners

Hear from account-based marketing practitioners at companies like PFL, Invoca, and PGi about how they built their ABM programs. These expert marketers share their real marketing technology stacks, campaign orchestration roadmaps, processes for tiering their target accounts, and more.

Demand generation strategies

Learn how to take an account-based approach to demand generation. Using ABM plays like pretargeting, account nurtures, and lead-to-account nurtures, get all the resources you need to get your dream accounts excited about your solution and turn them into sales opportunities.

Pipeline velocity strategies

The goal of pipeline velocity is to move your dream accounts through the funnel more quickly. Using pipeline acceleration and “wake the dead” plays, you can shorten the time it takes your target accounts to go from click to close. Plus, you’ll also learn how the team of ABM Superheroes at SOASTA used these strategies to shorten their sales cycle by 40%.

Customer marketing strategies

Account-based marketing isn’t just effective during the sales process. It’s also a proven way to build relationships with and increase revenue from your current customer accounts. Learn how ABM can help you with your upsell/cross-sell campaigns, land and expand efforts, customer advocacy, and more.

35+ pages of ABM worksheets

What good is all this information if you can’t immediately put it to use? The Blueprint includes over 35 pages of strategic and tactical worksheets that will help you plan, orchestrate, and measure the success of your next account-based marketing campaign.

Here’s an example of how you can combine different “plays” — or goal-oriented sales and marketing activities — to form a coordinated event marketing campaign:

  1. Use pre-targeting to warm up net-new accounts before an event with targeted digital ads and custom content.
  2. Activate your sales and customer success teams to drive event registration from the right people at the right accounts, including executives from target accounts and current customer accounts.
  3. After the event, run a pipeline acceleration play targeting additional stakeholders at the accounts your team met with at the event. This way, you can continue the conversation with the entire buying committee, not just the individual(s) who attended.

Ready to start planning your own ABM campaign? Download the Blueprint to Account-Based Marketing Campaigns now.

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