Five reasons to build an employee portal in Salesforce
POSTED : May 7, 2015
BY : Stephanie Gaughen

As a growing company, there’s a good chance you’ve been using a web-based employee portal or intranet system to manage your employees and their data. Now, with Salesforce Community Cloud, you can clear the clutter and do everything efficiently from one place. Salesforce Community Cloud provides a one-stop-shop for employees to ask questions, review their schedules, log cases, log tickets for IT, manage expense reports, find training materials, search knowledge databases and collaborate with co-workers.

Salesforce employee communities are built on the Salesforce1 platform, which gives you the same scalable, mobile-friendly, and customizable way to manage your organization as other Salesforce products.

Here are five reasons to build an employee portal in Salesforce:

1. Employees stay in Salesforce

Intranets and legacy systems require users to login and use various platforms. If your employees are using an intranet system on a daily basis, it’s important to develop a user-friendly system in terms of design and accessibility. Salesforce Community Cloud is seamlessly integrated with core Salesforce products and includes a single point-of-entry or login. That greatly improves productivity, reduces barriers and improves overall Salesforce adoption.

2. Mobile-enabled

Times have changed, and people want access to information whenever and from wherever. Of course, most legacy intranet systems aren’t mobile-friendly. With Salesforce Community Cloud, employees have instant mobile access to payroll information, benefits statements, onboarding forms, Chatter and much more. Management can also support their employees better with access to HR functions through Salesforce. No more waiting until you get back to the office to respond to employee questions.

3. Collaborate on HR-related topics

Salesforce Community Cloud may just be the future of HR. By providing a single place for employees to ask questions, log cases, search databases and collaborate with co-workers, it truly streamlines the relationship between employees and human resources.

Additionally, Salesforce Community Cloud comes integrated with Chatter, so employees can ask broad HR-related questions that others can answer. Has there been an update to insurance benefits? Is there a mandatory, previously unscheduled meeting today? Having a potluck on Friday? There’s no need to start a lengthy email thread. Simply post to Chatter, and everyone can see the responses within the post.

4. Improve employee efficiency and satisfaction

According to a Salesforce Customer Relationship Survey, companies that introduced an employee community saw a 31% drop in the number of meetings and the same reduction in the number of emails. And, as we all know, less meetings equals happier employees. According to a survey of executives by the 3M Meeting Network, as much as 25-50 percent of the time people spend in meetings is completely wasted. Salesforce Community Cloud allows your employees to spend more time working and innovating, and less time being frustrated.

Salesforce employee communities also can help with employee onboarding. From day 1 of your employee’s career with your company, they can access all current paperwork and training materials in a central location. This hub, then, stays with them as they move through various roles in the company.

5. Spark innovation and profitability

Salesforce Community Cloud allows your employees to stay engaged and share ideas. With an open line of communication and an engaged workforce, the possibilities are endless.

Interested in building an employee portal? We can help.

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