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POSTED : December 29, 2013
BY : Stephanie Gaughen

Our consultants put together a list of the top advantages of outsourcing software development:

1. Get the job done by experts

There is an ever-growing number of development shops in every region of the world, and all of them specialize in different technologies and platforms. These companies recruit certified, qualified, experienced developers out of a very competitive environment, and they can provide you with expertise on a particular project that you may be lacking. No matter what kind of application you’re looking for, whether it’s a native iOS app for your business’ online store or an HTML5 app for an enhanced user experience on your portal, there are skilled teams available that can offer you the tools and experience necessary to get it done right.

2. Keep your team focused on the important things

By outsourcing application development, your in-house IT department can continue working on primary objectives. Outsourcing allows you to get more work done by effectively expanding your team to take on additional tasks. Keep your own team working on what’s most important to you and use some outside developers as an extension of your own team to tackle your lower priority assignments. An outsourced team is most effectively used when they are freeing up your own team to work on what they do best.

3. Lower costs for software development

While cost is not always the most important factor in a decision to outsource, it can definitely be a major influence. In most cases, choosing to outsource development will cut down on the overall cost of the project since you will not have to train your team if the programming is outside their expertise. Or, if you don’t have an IT staff of your own, you can find many affordable arrangements for hiring outsourced IT teams for as long as you need them. The total effort of completing the project will also be more efficient, as the work can be done more quickly by adding more developers, and the cost can go even lower depending on where you choose to outsource from.

4. Introduce new technology

Applications run on various operating systems and utilize many different programming languages. If there’s a huge market you want to reach on iOS platforms like the iPhone and iPad, but your team is not familiar with that technology, outsourcing is a great way to bridge the gap. New technology is released very frequently so it’s hard to keep your team up to speed with everything. If you run into a situation where you absolutely want to implement a technology that your team isn’t familiar with, it can save time and energy to outsource the implementation effort to a team that is already well-versed in your target technology.

5. Meet your deadline and budget

Contracting with a software development company increases accountability in making deadlines and sticking to a pre-defined budget. Outsourced teams have processes in place that enable them to forecast resource needs and make adjustments as necessary to keep the project on time. Development companies also better understand the effort required to complete a project, which helps determine the project cost. This can help reduce surprise costs that will quickly derail your IT budget.

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